PTI (Pre-Trip Inspection)

Pre-Trip Inspection for Reefer Containers: Ensuring Safe and Efficient Transport of Perishables


The Preventive Technical Inspection or Pre-Trip Inspection is carried out before a reefer container will be released to the customer of the shipping lines.

To define a Pre-Trip Inspection or ‘preventive technical inspection’ (PTI) of the reefer: all technical unit functions and possible visible damage of both box & machinery will be checked according to the standard specifications of the manufacturers and shipping lines.

This inspection includes but not limited to :-

-Testing for structural damages (Box and Machinery).

-Checking the operation of the reefer’s machinery.

-Software updates for all machinery types and manufactures.

-Setting Temperature, humidity and ventilation.

As soon as a PTI has been carried out and all the detected damages and/or malfunctions have been taken care of, the reefer unit will be ready to be handling export cargo.

Value  Add:

1.24/7 Coverage.

2.On time repairs for units under warranty .

3.In Time repairs for failed units within the repair ceiling assigned by MSC Antwerp.

4.Volumetric production per day.

5.Shipper visit in case of any malfunction reported.


24/7 Operations and Customer Service Desks.

Daily Reporting.

Setting of passed units.

Delivering export units on board carrier vessels.

Service locations: Alexandria, Portsaid West,
Damietta, Portsaid East,6th October, Sokhna, Adabiya

including all ICDs and container depots.